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12/15 March 2014

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A Brandoni & Sons accordion is not just a simple musical instrument, but a real artwork in which Tradition, Innovation, Technology and Beauty play an important part. A Brandoni & Sons accordion comes to life thanks to our master craftsmen’s expertise, respecting old traditional construction techniques with no use at all of industrial equipment or technology. A process requiring time, precision and experience, where nothing is left to chance. The unique and gripping sound of Brandoni & Sons accordions comes as a result of a series of factors including: the careful selection of the finest solid wood, the use of reeds of excellent quality and the strict final checks. Each instrument is a unique piece of equally unique value, the one of Made in Italy, the one of pure craftwork and the value of Brandoni & Sons tradition intact over time, today exactly as in 1949.

Brandoni & Sons news

Brandoni & Sons news

Ongoing research in design and manufacturing methods is the cornerstone of Brandoni & Sons success to date. Mod. 148 LA Gold Cassotto Mod. 148 LA JAZZGold Cassotto       Mod. 148 LA GoldCassotto   Piano accordion _celluloid collection Mod. 148LI  King Line Cassotto   Mod. 149LI  king Line Cassotto      News models _wood collection  Mod. 146W CL...

Producing an instrument that is technically perfect and efficient, but original and elegant is the constant challenge facing Brandoni  & Sons. The Liberty Line is mainly inspired by the floral decorations of the Art Nouveall Style.The sound box is constructed using lighter woods that are...

The well informed musicians have already noticed the Classic Wood Line of Brandoni & Sons: this is made possible through the valued experience gained over time. The sound vibrations that are transmitted throughout the body of the accordion allows the musician to express themselves better...

Collezione Diatonici

I preziosi mosaici e  le diverse venature del legno caratterizzano l’estetica di questi strumenti. La scelta della giusta tonalità, l’uso corretto del mantice, l’interpretazione delle melodie popolari garantiscono al suonatore di ottenere il massimo da questo piccolo strumento.   Modelli: Daisy | Iris | Irish Daisy |...